Coffee News® is the largest franchise publication in the
world and has been hugely successful in helping small
businesses nationwide create a strong presence in their
local community since 1988. Our one edition of Coffee
News® is distributed free in six communities; La Grange,
LaGrange Park, Brookfield, Broadview, Lyons and North
Riverside. We have been bringing Coffee News® to the area
since 2008.  This one-page tan paper has developed a loyal
readership here and is now read by a conservative 6000
people each week – people love reading Coffee News®!
Welcome to Coffee News Western Suburbs of Chicago!
Benefits of Advertising in Coffee News®
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You are one smart and
savvy business owner to be
taking the first step in
researching advertising in a
very unique publication!  
Welcome to
Coffee News®
Don’t mistake Coffee News as
just the little tan paper.  It is a
powerful tool to get your
message to thousands of
potential customers each week!
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La Grange - La Grange Park - Brookfield - Broadview - North Riverside - Lyons IL
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Here’s what Coffee News® can do for your business:
It’s Exclusive- On a 52-week run you are granted exclusive rights to your business category and
for as long as you advertise with us, we will not take ads from your competitors.  If locking out
your competition is important to your business, than you should choose our 52-week run at the
lowest rate with exclusive advertising rights.  If you decide to run less than 52-weeks, than your
business category remains open and we will take ads from your competitors.

It’s Affordable- Ads are value priced so the small business owner can afford a regular business
presence in their local marketplace and our readers look to buy local.

It’s Fun and Positive- People like to read Coffee News® because it contains the week’s
funniest and most unusual news stories from around the world as well as jokes, trivia and
amazing facts. Your ad is showcased in a very positive light.

Repetitive Exposure and Complements Other Advertising- Read 3 meals a day, 7 days per
week providing affordable repetition that is so necessary to establish buying patterns. Our loyal
readers look for their new issue EVERY WEEK. Your Coffee News® ad is a great springboard
to your social media advertising and website.

Equal Ad Size & Rotation- All ads get equal size and placement and are rotated weekly for
equal exposure.  Your ad is on the front or back but never buried in the middle.  Your ad is always
in view and not lost in the middle of multiple pages.  Did you know that the farther back your ad is
placed in a publication, the less likely your ad will be seen?

Added Value- The Coffee News® Contest entices our readers to look at each ad with extra
care to locate the little Coffee News® Guy hidden in your ad and they enter for a change to win a
gift certificate to a local restaurant.  Our readers love the contest but its intentional and another
way for them to remember your business ad and name.  We will also place your ad on our
website at no extra charge.
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Take a moment to view our brief video and learn what
Coffee News is about.  Read the Benefits of Advertising
Coffee News and all our information to see how  
Coffee News can help grow your business!
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Coffee News Western Suburbs of Chicago is a weekly local publication serving with one edition serving
La Grange, La Grange Park, Brookfield, Broadview, North Riverside & Lyons!